Stefan Eichert

Born 1981 in Klagenfurt (Carinthia). Dr. Phil (2011) in Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, Univ. of Vienna. University Assistant at the Institute of Prehistoric and Historical Archeology, Univ. Vienna, and Post-Doc Researcher at the Institute for Medieval Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences. Stefan Eichert is a specialist for the archaeology of early medieval Central Europe as well as for archaeological databases and GIS-analysis. He has invented the OpenAtlas-Database system, which he has developed further together with Alexander Watzinger and Katharina Winckler in the projects “The Eastern Alps revisited - Continuity and Change from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages” (2012-2014), “Digitising Patterns of Power” (since 2015, PI: Mihailo Popović) and “Mapping Medieval Conflicts” (since 2014, PI: Johannes Preiser-Kapeller). Stefan is also the PI of the project “Frontier, Contact Zone or No Man's Land?”, which focuses on the Morava-Thaya Region from the Early to the High Middle Ages and is carried out by a Team from the University of Vienna, Austria and Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic.