Sabine Ladstätter

Born 1968 in Klagenfurt (Carinthia). Dr. phil. 1997 in Classical Archaeology (Univ. of Vienna). 2007 Habilitation at the Univ. of Vienna with a study on the ceramics of Ephesus from the Late Hellenistic to the Late Antique period. Since 2009, Sabine Ladstätter is Director of the Austrian Archaeological Institute, since 2010 Director of the excavations in Ephesus. In 2011 she was elected “Scientist of the Year” in Austria. In 2014, her volume “Knochen, Steine, Scherben. Abenteuer Archäologie” was elected as best popular science book of the year. Her research focuses on the archaeology and material culture of the classical and late antique period across the Mediterranean and the Roman Empire, integrating also new approaches from the natural sciences and digital humanities. She is co-organiser of the “Entangled Worlds”-Conference.