Günter Katzler

Günter Katzler is a junior researcher at the Institute for Medieval Studies, Austrian Academy of Science, Division Editionsunternehmen und Quellenforschung/MIR. His main focus lies on Emperor Sigismund (1411–1437) and particularly on the conflict between the Emperor and Frederick IV, duke of Austria (1415–1425) (within the framework of the FWF Project „Balancing Power: Sigismund’s Politics in Constance 1414–1418“ [Nr. P26524-G18]); this is also the topic of his research within the project "Mapping Medieval Conflicts".

He holds master’s degrees in History and Social Studies (2003) and Historical Research, Auxiliary Sciences of History and Archival Studies (2009) and is currently a PhD candidate in History at the University of Vienna. Besides Sigismund his fields of research include Religious orders in late medieval Austria and Bohemia, especially canons regular of St. Augustine, and Freising under the rule of bishop Berthold of Wehingen (1381–1410).

Email: Guenter.Katzler@oeaw.ac.at